Harry Potter and the cursed child – thoughts so farĀ 

Even though I’m one quarter way in, I am so far loving this play/book. One thing that I’m super excited about is the relationship between Rose and Scorpius. *jumps up and down* I absolutely adore the fact that Scorpius is crushing on rose, and that Rose basically hates him. It is such a contrasting relationship and it’s amazing. I have no clue if the book will continue to build on that, but I hope it does. Partly why I’m so excited about this is because I’ve always been a dramione shipper, and obviously they never have a real chance of getting together but now hermiones daughter and dracos son have a chance and I love these two characters together way more than I would’ve liked Draco and hermione together. I’m just super stoked. šŸ˜„ thoughts? 


Fantastic beasts and where to find /the review/ … right here :)

AAHH! first of all, totally a different feel then I was expecting. I loved it so much though. This movie was very fun and quirky but also had very dark moments (which shocked me.)

Let’s talk about characters… Newt is honestly my favourite character of all time, because he has so much CHARACTER. He is so humble, quiet, awkward, but brave. He is so unique and stays true to who he is and get’s the job done. I love his smile so much as well… kind of fan-girlingĀ (is that a word?) here. Second of all, I basically jumped up in joy in the theatre when I saw Johnny Depp’s face on that screen. Just with a few small moments on screen, he captured his character so well. I was sold.

Even though the movie got really dark at the end there, it was so good. They really caught my heart with the character of Credence, he was just a boy who was hurting and wasn’t able to get saved.

Those are my thoughts for now. I will probably add some more soon.

P.s- sorry for not being on here in like months, getting used to the first year of college here XD

p.s p.s he’s so cute