writing exercise…#5

I decided to make up my own writing prompt/exercise – kind of like the one I did before – involving my favourite characters : ) I’ll add some random ones to be fun.

This scene will take place in a small, random coffee shop.

Sydney: *thinking* Oh my gosh… the coffee. The smell. It’s calling for me. 

Adrian: I know your thinking about the coffee.

Sydney: I know your thinking about vodka.

Adrian: *To the barista* One coffee for her please.

Draco: Will you two -whatever you are- bloods hurry it up? How long does it take to order one bloody coffee.

Damon: K I’m about to rip all your heads off. Except for the blonde. She’s kinda cute. She can stay. *Yells to the barista* Can I get a frappuccino over here? *winks*

Adrian: Back off you random weirdly attractive man. Your blue eyes kind of remind me of my Aunt Tatiana’s necklace… *stares off into space*

Dimitri: *Momentarily looks up from reading his western to glare at everyone in the line*

Clarke: Okay, if we organize the line in the order of smallest order to largest, this can go a lot faster and no one will get hurt.

Bellamy: I support you Clarke, and if you need forgiveness i’ll give that to you. *whispers* because I secretly love you. 

Rose: Hey, blondie.

*Clarke looks back skeptically at Rose*

Rose: He wants to go out with you. *points at Bellamy*

Bellamy: Dude!

Rose: Oh come on, it would’ve never happened otherwise.

Jughead: *mumbles a sarcastic, passive agressive comment*


I tried writing prompt #4 :)

SPOILER ALERT for mortal instruments, vampire academy, and bloodlines


Rose: Really? I almost died from a gun?
Rose: My boyfriend did…
Sydney: Hey, my situation is way worse. I fell in love with the one creature my kind DESPISES. There going to find out and then I will get sent off to rehab and my life will be over.
Jace: At least you didn’t think you were in love with your sister…
Simon: Ha…ha.
Dimitri: *Judgmentally looks up from reading his western* *looks back down*
Adrian: …Why do I have to be the crazy one?


Writing prompt #3

The day before your 18th birthday your loving grandmother gives you a shiny gold necklace. You put it on and wear it as she wished, but when the clock strikes 12, you suddenly feel dizzy and pass out. When you wake up, you realize that you are on the streets of london… in the year of 1675.