Why my favourite characters are my favourite.

katherine 2

There are many different characters I love for many different reasons… one, including Katherine Pierce. Weird… I know. I’m sorry.

The question that needs exploring is WHY. If you ever want to write your own stuff, it is very important to venture into the question of why people like certain characters, and how can looking at ‘WHY’ improve your own characters.

Let’s start with Katherine, Klaus, Murphy, and Draco. Let’s throw in Damon as well.

No matter how mean and manipulative these peeps are, people will ALWAYS love them. (Katherine, not so much.) But why? Because they have layers… they have a past which has turned them into the way they are today. Because they are so extreme, that means their pasts were extreme and complicated, and that is what makes them interesting. We always just love the bad guys because they are bad. They are care free (or so it seems), and sassy. We love that. I am not totally sure why but we do. The reason I like Katherine’s character is because she’s interesting – and she is interesting because she is kind of psycho. Which really adds to the story. She honestly just wants to be loved by Stefan but is SO unhealthy and messed up that she will never achieve that which is killing her inside. We also have so much love for these characters that we are always striving for them to turn to the good side because we want to see them happy. This makes us viewers very engaged in the characters, which is exactly what we want. This is why Damon has so many fans, because in a sense he was bad turned good. And we love it because we travelled with him through the entirety of this. Draco on the other hand, will probably always be a jerk. But we will always love him. Why? Because he never had a choice… he didn’t choose to be this way. He was grown up in it.

moving on…draco

To Rose, Adrian and Bellamy 🙂

Why do I love Rose so much. Well, she has spunk. She has sass. She has heart and she has drive. She is not just a boring, hero-like character. She has flaws but she also has unique personality traits – like her strength. (Emotionally and physically.) I felt like she was my best friend throughout the series – I felt as if I knew her. We got to see the way her mind works which made the whole journey better. (Take note, wannabee writers). Adrian is just the best. He has SO MUCH character. The way he dresses, what he drinks, the way he smokes, his insecurities and securities – these all build up who he is. He is such a unique character and I applaud Richelle Mead for that. His mind doesn’t make sense a lot of the time, which is why we love him so much and why we feel for him. I also just love his cockiness. He knows he’s hot, and he’s not afraid to say the obvious. Bellamy started out as a real jerk, but even as a jerk I loved him. He had motives close to his heart for everything he did and does, and is very loyal to his sister and just wants to protect her and his people. I think he is also scared but is strong enough to do what needs to be done. I like this about him.

As we can see, something that all these characters have in common is unique personality straights and rich history/backstories. A character becomes so much more lovable when we glimpse into their past hardships and see why they are the way they are. We also love REAL traits, not just cliche heroic or villainess traits. Hope you liked my thoughts for today! Happy character creating!

P.S – I need a good book to read next. I realize I haven’t finished the books on my reading list but they are all at home 😦 perks of college. Anyway, I would love some suggestions.





Damon Salvatore – villain or hero?

Whenever one thinks of the “hottest villains”… We ALWAYS think of Damon Salvatore. But is he really a villain?


This is my answer (concluded in about a minute but still… my answer): He is both.

From the very beginning Damon has been pretty moody and dangerous.

villian damon

And not just the facade of dangerous, he’s literally ripped off heads. In my *researching* of this question, the definition of villain is this: a character whose evil actions or motives are important to the plot. This perfectly describes Damon. Villain = 1 point. In the early seasons, Damons rash, destructive behaviour constantly made Stefan frustrated with Damon and want to give up on him. This caused Elena to then come in and be like woah chill, don’t kill Damon… this caused some tension eventually between Stefan and Elena. Anyway, we covered that Damon earned a point for being a Villain.

Moving on to the hero side of things… the google definition: a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. Now right away, we think Stefan. But we don’t have to look to close to see that Damon really does have a heart. I want to go back to the very beginning when Damon and Stefan were turned. Damon, firstly, did not want to complete the transition (whatever his motives were), and Stefan was the one to push him to turn into the creature that had the ability to be very dangerous. Moving on, one very obvious trait of Damon is loyalty to his loved ones. However, he can have twisted ways of showing this, but he is loyal. We see his loyalty mostly to Stefan, Elena, and in the last few seasons, his friendship with Bonnie. (This particularly shows his humanity and ability to form friendships)

But side note (not really tho)… just look at him. He has a heart. You can’t deny it. LOOK AT THE WAY HE LOOKS AT HER. (I’m pretty sure that’s Elena. lol. ) sorry. fangirl moment.

hero damon

Anyway, Hero = 1. We could go on for hours, but I want to go eat some chocolate. So there are my thoughts for tonight. I truly think of Damon as neither hero or villain, because I actually don’t think he truly fits either. He’s just Damon. If he did though, I actually would probably put him more in the villain group – no matter what his true intentions are even if they ARE noble or good, his way of getting to the end goals is usually destructive.

What are your thoughts?  Is Damon a hero or a villain?

writing exercise…#5

I decided to make up my own writing prompt/exercise – kind of like the one I did before – involving my favourite characters : ) I’ll add some random ones to be fun.

This scene will take place in a small, random coffee shop.

Sydney: *thinking* Oh my gosh… the coffee. The smell. It’s calling for me. 

Adrian: I know your thinking about the coffee.

Sydney: I know your thinking about vodka.

Adrian: *To the barista* One coffee for her please.

Draco: Will you two -whatever you are- bloods hurry it up? How long does it take to order one bloody coffee.

Damon: K I’m about to rip all your heads off. Except for the blonde. She’s kinda cute. She can stay. *Yells to the barista* Can I get a frappuccino over here? *winks*

Adrian: Back off you random weirdly attractive man. Your blue eyes kind of remind me of my Aunt Tatiana’s necklace… *stares off into space*

Dimitri: *Momentarily looks up from reading his western to glare at everyone in the line*

Clarke: Okay, if we organize the line in the order of smallest order to largest, this can go a lot faster and no one will get hurt.

Bellamy: I support you Clarke, and if you need forgiveness i’ll give that to you. *whispers* because I secretly love you. 

Rose: Hey, blondie.

*Clarke looks back skeptically at Rose*

Rose: He wants to go out with you. *points at Bellamy*

Bellamy: Dude!

Rose: Oh come on, it would’ve never happened otherwise.

Jughead: *mumbles a sarcastic, passive agressive comment*

“But when I touch you, your aura … it smolders. The colors deepen, it burns more intensely, the purple increases. Why? Why, Sydney?” He used that hand to pull me closer. “Why do you react that way if I don’t mean anything to you?” There was a desperation in his voice, and it was legitimate.”

The Indigo Spell / Richelle Mead / Adrian Ivashkov

Why I love this quote so much… It just shows the obvious connection between the two. It also portrays that Adrian blatantly is exposing the connection they have, but Sydney is still holding on to her strong beliefs that she can’t be involved with a vampire, as well as she is still trying to deny her feelings towards Adrian even though they are obviously there and they both know it.

Riverdale rant

Hello all! It feels like I haven’t posted for a year. School has been so busy, but I am going to make an effort to post at least once a week for you guys now 🙂 I miss blogging about my favourite characters.

Moving on… to Riverdale! I am IN LOVE with this show!!!

Okay, so favourite couple… BUGHEAD. SO GOOD. I love juggy and betty together, they are so freaking adorable and perfect.bughead

But the character of Jughead himself, is so amazing. Like I swear next to Damon Salvatore, Jughead is my favourite of all time. The way they portrayed him in Riverdale compared to the comics is genius, in my opinion. It just fits him so well – being a writer and low key creeper on the town. It’s great. What are your thoughts on the show? Do you like how they changed the tone of the happy Archie comics to a mysterious, dramatic show? What do you think of #bughead?

“Sage,” he said. “What are you wearing?”
I sighed and stared down at the dress. “I know. It’s red. Don’t start. I’m tired of hearing about it.”
“Funny,” he said. “I don’t think I could ever get tired of looking at it.”

-Adrian Ivashkov // Richelle Mead

Harry Potter and the cursed child – thoughts so far 

Even though I’m one quarter way in, I am so far loving this play/book. One thing that I’m super excited about is the relationship between Rose and Scorpius. *jumps up and down* I absolutely adore the fact that Scorpius is crushing on rose, and that Rose basically hates him. It is such a contrasting relationship and it’s amazing. I have no clue if the book will continue to build on that, but I hope it does. Partly why I’m so excited about this is because I’ve always been a dramione shipper, and obviously they never have a real chance of getting together but now hermiones daughter and dracos son have a chance and I love these two characters together way more than I would’ve liked Draco and hermione together. I’m just super stoked. 😄 thoughts?