About me and my blog!

Me – I have grown up in a small, remote town all my life. I used to party all the time and try my hardest to be ‘popular’ until I found myself! I discovered the magical world of books and now I can’t get enough 🙂 My town is mostly farming and oil, but I live on the outskirts where my house is surrounded by vast spruce trees! My desk faces the window overseeing my backyard, and this is where I love to look out at the tall trees when reading or writing because it reminds me of Banff or Alaska. (I have been to both places and I love them). I am currently writing a book and drawing maps and characters of this world I’m creating, even though I am not naturally talented at writing. Over the years I will take classes, read more books and develop more skills so that eventually I will be able to edit and finish it 🙂

My Blog – I wanted to create this blog for new writers like me, posting plenty of tips and tricks, and I also want to review science fiction, fantasy, and mystery books, and also some T.V series! I will review them in a way that doesn’t have any spoilers, but so you get a grip on how much I enjoyed reading it. Thank you for looking at my blog and taking the time to read this, I hope you enjoy !

P.S: I am not a professional writer or blogger in any way, I am just a normal teenager who fell in love with the world of fantasy and fiction.