“May we meet again” (2×16)

I just watched this scene again on youtube and ahhh i get a tear in my eye every time!

maywemeetagain bellarkeHonestly, just look at his face. The moment he realizes that she is leaving he looks so scared. Their a team. How can a king rule without his queen?

The only time I see Bellamy this emotional is either when he’s dealing with Octavia or Clarke… why? Because he loves them. No one can look at those eyes and tell me he isn’t in love with her, like come on people. I think what add’s to this scene is their lack of physical touch but they still share a small kiss and hug even though they look like they want and need more; to hold the other longer, to kiss the other to show how much they care for each other. They both have these feelings for each other but i think they are scared to show them because neither one wants to mess up the relationship they have right now; a partnership or ‘partners in crime’ if you will. They both need the other to survive and if they step up and give in to their feelings, then that might be ruined, so they just stick as close as they can to each other. Anyway, that’s my feelings for the night.

Watch it! Click meeeeeee


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