Lady midnight update!

I have read up to chapter 6 so *spoiler alert*

Ermagosh in love with this book so far! First of all, I love the character of Emma. She is independent (You know, other then the whole very dependent parabatai thing going on) and strong in the way that she pushes herself to the max when training since she takes it so seriously. She is sassy, and she can kick some ass. I love it. She reminds me of like how a cousin of Rose Hathaway would be (MC in Vampire Academy).

And then there’s gorgeous Julian, who I definitely think is totally in love with Emma. Here’s some quotes that make me think so…

“She reached over and laid her hand against his arm, her finger tracing lightly down the skin… He turned his face away from hers; she saw him shudder, as if a chill had passed over him” (107).

Is this not obvious or what? Like i know he said he was thinking of Mark, and Emma probably thought that’s why he shuddered. But I don’t think so! He could very well have been thinking of Mark, but why did he have to turn his face away? Being her parabatai, they have seen each other sad and in pain a thousand times. He wouldn’t have to look away if he was only sad about Mark, but he would have to look away if her touch bothered him! He is growing feelings for her which he has to suppress, and it is not easy for him. I just love that scene.

“Emma came rushing down the staircase… She was wearing jeans and a tank top; her damp hair was pulled back in an elastic band. The tank top was sticking to her skin. Julian wished he hadn’t noticed” (89).

“Emma reached out and took his hand… Julian glanced down at their entwined fingers. He was still, but a pulse had started up at the base of his throat; she could see it beating, hard” (68).

Well, there’s my thoughts for the day! What do you think about the book?


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