I just want to write, read and dream. But I have no time!

Ever feel like all you want to do is spend all day writing, creating, drawing, and dreaming of story ideas? I feel like this every day, but unfortunately, school work doesn’t agree. Here are some ways I still get in reading and writing time in my busy busy day!

-Download an audiobook and listen to it as you drive! I downloaded Harry potter book 1, and listen to it every day as I drive to school.

-Follow a writing podcast, listen to that as you drive! I also sometimes listen to my favourite writing podcast, ‘writing excuses’. This allows me to learn more about the technique and process of writing even when I don’t have time to just sit and relax.

-Get up a little earlier, make some coffee, and write for fifteen or twenty minutes. Doesn’t matter if your working on a story, or just writing something random, just write!

-Think of story ideas during your few minutes of spare time. Are you writing a novel and are stumped? Well when your in biology and your finished your work, think of the scene you want to write next.


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