Reign – 3×03


Holy shizizzles this scene gives me the feels. I don’t care if your not even a Francis and Mary shipper (I am not), this scene is perfection and will make you cry regardless. What makes this scene so emotional is that this is their last dance and they know both know it. The music is ‘Stay with me’, and throughout the dance you can hear Mary tell Francis, “Stay with me.” Already balling here. But my favourite favourite part of this scene is that you can see how amazing their love is, because Mary leads Francis. She is holding unto him and never letting go. She is leading the dance. He trusts her to hold him up in front of all of those people. We also see that Francis doesn’t even notice the watchful eyes around them, all he notices is her. It’s just perfection ugh crying

Here just watch it I can’t even explain it well enough

Ta dah


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