Adrian Ivashkov and Sydney Sage

This is so far one of my favourite Adrian and Sydney moments, which happens in the Golden Lily by Richelle Mead during their self defence class in which Sydney tried to surprise attack Adrian, and he froze up at her touch. She assumed there was something wrong with her, but it was just the opposite.

“You were totally unprepared for her.”

“That’s for damned sure.” – Adrian

I just love this so much because I think that this is the moment in which Adrian realizes that he had actually fallen for Sydney, and that there was no escaping. Before this, he thought he could just stay clear of her. He believed that if he managed to never have to be close to her, or touch her, that his feelings for her could never move forward- never be amplified. He was also shocked that he had initially began to like her because she was the girl who never dated, she was just the brains of the group; the alchemist. She was the girl who was grown up to believe that Adrian’s kind was not natural- and it was downright wrong to be involved with them. Basically, everything would go south if Adrian and Sydney fell for each other. Knowing this, knowing that a possible relationship between them would be forbidden, Adrian thought he was safe- that he wouldn’t hope for an inconvenient relationship with a crazy smart girl with so much more incentive than him. But as he grew to know her and all of her quirks and layers, he began to see who she was underneath the golden tattoo. He fell for her insightfulness, her incentive, her ability to excel in life, but most of all her unconditional love and care for the group. He had fallen for her but again, thought his feelings could never be amplified so they would eventually go away- until she had wrapped her arms around him. He felt the sparks that lit up between them and in that moment, he knew that there was no way to forget her.



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