Reading list update

Lately I have been reading Bloodlines, The mortal instruments, and the vampire diaries.

Bloodlines…. Omg in love with this story! I just finished the first book, and I love the contrasting characters of Sydney and Adrian. Sydney is just SO rules orientated and orderly compared to the free spirit of Adrian Ivashkov. I love it so much though because Sydney has been forced into this strict lifestyle, never even glimpsing a life full of choices and fun. Adrian let’s her glimpse that life though. She get’s so annoyed with him because the alchemist in her is annoyed by his unruly life and free spirit- since that is appalling to her people- but the real Sydney, deep down, is intrigued by him. She has fun with him, she genuinely laughs with him. She want’s more, but is tied down to her preset life. So I’m waiting to see what will happen with that! But let’s be honest, who can actually resist Adrian Ivashkov.

Will update soon about the other books!


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