Shadowhunters and how the T.V series is making me feel.

Okay, so this series is a big deal. I was jumping up and down when I heard about it! You know, since the movie didn’t fill the empty spot in our hearts. So far, I love it. They casted Jace perfectly in my opinion- he has more of a tough, sexy guy look compared to the image I had in my head from the books. (Just my opinion!) And Alec lightwood- wow. He is beautiful and he fits the role perfectly. He has that guarded heart feel and sassy personality down pact. This version of Alec lightwood made me ship him and a very unexpected someone else. Honestly, I would love to see him and Clary get together. I know, I know. That’s totally out of the question. But just look at them on screen! They are always at each others throats since they are both so stubborn, yet he never fails to save her when she is in trouble. Even though that’s his job, he respects her because she is as feisty as him- he has met his match! Maybe the fact that I know they will probably never be together makes me want to see them together even more, but nevertheless, I think it would be a bold yet wonderful twist. Even if it wasn’t meant to be implied- Alec and Clary have chemistry. Go and watch their fight scene and tell me there’s nothing there. You can’t! Kat and Matthew just have SO MUCH CHEMISTRY. Just my late night thoughts! What are your thoughts on the series?

Watch this—— !! Not mine, but omg the feels

p.s- I am only on the second book of the mortal instruments series- city of ashes! Just about done though 🙂


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