The Vampire Academy series – Vampire Academy book review (First book of the series)

Individual book rating – 8.5/10

Overall series rating – 7/10

Character – This is by far one of my favorite vampire book series ever. Let’s start with Rose. The main character Rose Hathaway is definitely my all time favorite fictional character. (With the exception of Damon Salvatore) Rose is intelligent, caring and witty. Her comments and comebacks are hilarious and kick ass, she knows what she’s made of and isn’t afraid to speak her mind, which I love. Even at her weakest, physically and mentally, she will  do everything she can to survive and protect the ones she loves. She never gives up! The main male character Dimitri is mysterious and sexy, and will have you falling in love with him from the moment he enters the story!

The plot of this book is very exciting and filled with twists and turns and will always keep you interested. Another favorite thing of the book and series is the one on one combat. Richelle Mead (the author) is very talented at writing fight scenes and it keeps your eyes glued to the paper in the midst of everything! This carries on through out the series which keep the action alive.

I recommend this book to whoever loves action and adventure, epic love, vampires, and evil vampires. This is a great series and if you are unsure of starting it then just start the first book, and when you fall in love with it and the characters, thank me later 🙂


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